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Sal’s Maternity Photos

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Since moving to Alaska, I haven’t done too much with the photography side of my business.  However, this winter, my friend Sal asked me to do her maternity photos and then her newborn photos.  It was nice to pull out all my photo equipment and get to work behind the camera again.  We’ve known Sal and Shane since we lived in Ohio at the same time and they are a fun couple to work with.  First up are the maternity photos, which we are lucky we took when we did.  The next week Sal went into labor and had a beautiful baby girl.







The Saville Family

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

I had the pleasure of working with the Saville family several times before we left Ohio.  We did a Christmas shoot (which I somehow haven’t posted about before) and then we had a maternity shoot. Coming soon I’ll share with you the photos of baby Patrick.  But first,  I’ll start with Christmas and show you the card I put together for them using our favorite photos from the shoot:


savillechristmas2I loved Leyna’s idea of tying a bow around her belly with the “Do Not Open” tag.  It turned out so nice.

Now on to the maternity photos. The spontaneity of having a small child around made for a lot of funny moments and added an extra bit of delight to the photos.  Have a look:

_DSC3871 copy

_DSC3929 copy

_DSC3951 copy

_DSC3960 copy

_DSC3995 copy

_DSC4010 copy

_DSC4055 copy

_DSC4117 copy

Shelly’s Maternity Photos

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Yesterday, I had my first maternity photo session with Shelly, Brandon, and Roxy (the dog) starring the little one on the way.  I enjoyed working with Shelly and we all had a good time laughing at Roxy (who really wanted to be my assistant).  Thanks to Shelly and Brandon for being such good models!  Looking forward to meeting little Taylor when she makes her grand debut.