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The Saville Family

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

I had the pleasure of working with the Saville family several times before we left Ohio.  We did a Christmas shoot (which I somehow haven’t posted about before) and then we had a maternity shoot. Coming soon I’ll share with you the photos of baby Patrick.  But first,  I’ll start with Christmas and show you the card I put together for them using our favorite photos from the shoot:


savillechristmas2I loved Leyna’s idea of tying a bow around her belly with the “Do Not Open” tag.  It turned out so nice.

Now on to the maternity photos. The spontaneity of having a small child around made for a lot of funny moments and added an extra bit of delight to the photos.  Have a look:

_DSC3871 copy

_DSC3929 copy

_DSC3951 copy

_DSC3960 copy

_DSC3995 copy

_DSC4010 copy

_DSC4055 copy

_DSC4117 copy