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A Tour Through Time: An Architectural Guidebook to the House of Macon, Georgia

Monday, January 3rd, 2011


When the Historic Macon Foundation approached me to design a new architectural guidebook to Macon, I jumped at the chance.  I haven’t lived in Macon, GA for 6 years, but I still think of it as one of my homes (I lived there for 13 years).  Macon is full of architectural magnificence and that is one thing I miss about living in a “new” state like Alaska.

This book was a challenging project. And I do love a challenge.  The author’s initial layout grouped together houses and time periods along with extra tidbits of information.  My charge from the client was to make the book as userfriendly as possible.  They wanted to include a map of the city with the houses marked on it as well as three tours featuring different areas of town.  The book features photography by Walter Elliott and illustrations by the author, David Frazer Lewis.

The first thing I did was separate the houses from the other information by using sidebars.  This way, the houses are easy to locate within the book.  Each house has a number and a color.  The number corresponds to the position on the map, and the color to the part of town where you’ll find the house.  The maps were designed by Ric Thornton and I worked a little design magic to make them mesh with the style of the book.  The map legend lists each house by number and also shows the time period and page number of the house.  I located the map as a foldout behind the cover so it is easy to find and large enough to read.

The other organizational feature I added was the color coding of each time period featured, so that as you are flipping through the book, you can easily identify the time period.  There are headers on each page to show the overall time period and the architectural style featured on that page.

Thanks to the Historic Macon Foundation for entrusting your book design to me.  You were a pleasure to work with and I’m happy the book has been successful.

A Tour Through Time is available from the Historic Macon Foundation online or at the Sidney Lanier Cottage in Macon.  The Kindle edition is also available from Amazon.

mapThe fold out map and legend.

01-intowntourThis is one of the tours featured in the book.

02-antbellumA spread from the Antebellum section.

03-antebellumAnother spread from the Antebellum section.  This one shows how I incorporated some archival photographs into the book.

04-victorianA spread from the Victorian section showing the author’s illustrations.

05-20thcenturyThe opening spread of the 20th Century section featuring a timeline of each architectural style.  Each section of the book opens this way.

06-20thcenturyA spread from the 20th Century section of the book.

backcoverThe back cover.